IT Project Management

We rely on years of experience in Project Management, with two areas of expertise:

  • European R&D Projects, within a consortium of companies and organisations, under EC Programmes.
  • IT Projects management: definition, development and deployment.


Adiante was funded by the programme Horizonte PYME 2015 for BHere Project, research on the viability of a video-sharing platform

EC Projects

We offer our experience in R&D European programmes to customers that are willing to enter in the most active innovation ecosystem in Europe. We help to define the idea, find the perfect matching into the European programmes, create a sound consortium, editing a wining proposal and negosiate the contract with EC.

Once the project is launched, we provide two lines of expertise:

  • Project Management: We take care of all administrative tasks, so our customers may focus on research.
  • Exploitation: We support our customers to define and implement the commercialisation strategy, including technology transfer, for project outcomes.



IT Deployment

Over the years we have created a network of relaible professionals to face development and implementation projects. Adiante defines, coordinates and get the responsibility in front of the customer for deadlines and quality results.

Our network includes:

  • Development in Java, PHP, Python, ...
  • Mobile platforms: Phonegap, Android, iOS.
  • Creative and Usability Experts.
  • Database Architects and Administrators
  • Cloud migration consultants


Our customers include small and large organisations: